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Go Gray in May - Brain Tumor Awareness Month

Come together for Brain Tumor Awareness Month, a month dedicated to supporting, empowering, and amplifying the voice of the brain tumor community. Go Gray in May.

There are over 150 types of brain tumors. They are divided into two primary categories. First, a primary tumor has grown from a type of cell in the brain itself. The second type is a metastatic tumor that comes from somewhere else in the body – from a type of cancer cell that has grown in the body and found its way via the blood stream or through a direct extension. Symptoms of a brain tumor include headaches, weakness, numbness, stroke or seizure.

Getting the most accurate diagnosis possible is important if you suspect that you have a brain tumor. That diagnosis will help your medical team pinpoint the best course of treatment for you.

Making a decision about treatment can feel overwhelming. In a short time, you are called upon to make critical decisions about your future, many of which are confusing and frightening. It is important to work together with your medical team to determine the best course of treatment for you.

Brain tumors are largely not related to lifestyle choices. However, smoking and genetics can be factors in the development of a brain tumor. For treatment your neurosurgeon will help map treatment options taking into consideration factors such as your age and size and location of the tumor. Dr. Ravi Gandhi - Board Certified Neurosurgeon explains types of brain tumors, symptoms and treatments.

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