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Welcome to BRAIN BLOG - an insightful and easy to understand resource for those impacted by  - Cerebrovascular, Endovascular, Skull Base, and Spinal - disorders, and diseases. 


Brought to you by Orlando Neurosurgery's -

Ravi H. Gandhi, MD. 

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Dr. Gandhi is a board-certified neurosurgeon who is fellowship-trained in Cerebrovascular, Endovascular, and Skull Base Neurosurgery, he leverages his expertise in optimizing treatment plans for his patients finding the least invasive ways to treat disorders and disease, oftentimes avoiding surgery altogether. His approach is to treat each patient like a family member and to engage caregivers in the treatment and recovery process. Dr. Gandhi is a partner at Orlando Neurosurgery, where he serves patients from seven Central Florida locations. Dr. Gandhi is a medical director and part of an elite neurosurgical team at the AdventHealth Neuroscience Institute.


Cerebrovascular disordeRS


Dr. Gandhi specializes in using predominantly minimally invasively techniques (with no incision) in treating cerebrovascular disorders of the brain and spine including:

brain and skull base diseases


Dr. Gandhi uses traditional and minimally invasive methods of treating complex brain and skull base diseases including:



Dr. Gandhi applies advanced technology and minimally invasive techniques to treat spinal disease including:

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